This article explains about what is IPTV? And weather its legal to use IPTV. And as a bonus section we had also provided some details about best IPTV Kodi addons.

What is IPTV?

 The IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is the distribution of television contents through the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Alternative to download the media file, the IPTV provides an ability to stream the source media constantly. As a result, the media player will begin to play the contents such as the TV Channels immediately. It is called as Streaming Media.

Even though, the IPTV uses the Internet Protocol and is not limited to the television streamed from the Internet. The IPTV can also be used for distribute the media for both the public and private networks.

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system for which television services are delivered by using the Internet protocol over the packet-switched network like LAN or the Internet, instead of delivery using the traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

IPTV Services

The IPTV has some services which can be classified into three major groups namely Live Television, Time-Shifted, and Video on demand.

IPTV Protocols

There are two different types of protocols are used in IPTV such as unicast and multicast.


The Video on Demand (VoD) services like Netflix should be rely on unicast IPTV protocols. According to the Unicast protocol, it is very simple, flexible and doesn’t need any special network hardware. If anyone will connect to the web should watch the unicast streams. In addition, the unicast protocol consumes a lot of server bandwidth. So, the unicast is not recommended for live broadcasts and large audiences.


The multicast protocol offers an effective way for transmitting live channels and sports events. With the help of multicast protocol, many companies can send the HD quality TV channel streams out to very large groups of consumers. One of the main things is that the multicast doesn’t run properly on ordinary network appliances. The special multicast protocol compatible IPTV network equipment is needed for multicast to work properly.

Types of IPTV

There are three different types of IPTV is available. They are:

  1. Video on Demand
  2. Simulcasting
  3. Catch-Up

Video on Demand

The Video on Demand allow users to select and watch the video contents whenever they need to watch. Because, the Video on Demand enables the viewers to watch the entire TV shows.


The TV fans are mostly like the simulcasting. Because, the Simulcasting allows them to tune the channels whatever they need to watch.


The Catch-up IPTV is considered to be a limited version of the Video on Demand. By using the Catch-Up, you can access different types of videos for free for a particular time period.


Is IPTV Legal?

If we get inside into the world of black-market IPTV, the streaming services which have been provided for the TV, sports and movie experience that rival commercial offerings.

The IPTV services may costs money like a few dollars, pounds, or euros per month. These are all fully depends upon what they are offering. One of the biggest problems is that there are no enough hours to be spend for watch everything which has been offered by it.

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