Microsoft and Google will be forced to follow in Apple steps and their mobile systems include ability to delete or deactivate your information remotely, called ” kill switch “in English. One measure that has reduced theft of iPhones in U.S. and will help considerably to do so in other brands. Both technology giants have taken almost 1 year in follow Apple One of novelties introduced iOS 7 September past was ability to turn off the phone and delete its contents remotely . This feature sought to intimidate thieves iPhone and iPad because, thereafter, a stolen phone could become a nice paperweight, or as it was known in his time: iBrick.

Prosecutors in New York and San Francisco, two cities with highest number of technology start-ups in U.S., have been working hard for tech giants and mobile operators include this pre-activated in mobile option. Although user will decide whether or not to keep existence of this feature and has reduced thefts of iPhones in these two cities by 19% and 38% respectively. Such initiatives could be other fields is leading U.S. charge of global security with such initiatives and do not know how that’s good. Let me explain. The law of country is different and what one may be legal in another, no. In this case there should be no major problem, but if in future there are other features that do not respect laws of a country and a company needs to adapt its products, this would increase costs.

Nokia paid millions to extortionists software 6 years ago

This solution for mobile reduce theft can also lead to other lands. In fact, EU has studied installation in all cars to be sold within their borders. In this way, and if necessary, police may stop a vehicle flees or is committing an offense

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