A few weeks ago we learned of a story that brought us many seat. In a rather surprising move, Google and Lenovomade ​​public plans together for the first transferred Motorola brand, second story that surprised mostly because nobody knew that Google had plans to get rid of a brand that had I been putting much effort.

But the reality is that more calmly analyze the movement was more than logical. In principle Google has never much interested hardware manufacturing, to which must be added that has major partners do not look good eye that Google has its own company dedicated to the manufacture of mobile phones and also enjoys preference to implement new technologies. Google has turned its popularity making it attractive to Motorola Lenovo The cornerstone of the movement is that despite all the wonderful products we’ve seen take shape at the junction of US-origin companies so far Motorola continues still far from being profitable . Needless to meditate too much, Google simply does not suit you have a bone of contention to provide further losses makes those partners that sell more Android smartphones will think twice how should be delivered to the operating system of the big G.

Well, for quite some time Lenovo came looking askance the Western market . And is that while the brand has been capitalizing on his native China, have been feeling that they need a name, something that has the same impact it had at the time the brand ThinkPad to make them become a successful producer in Europe and America .

IBM ThinkPad, the beginning of the boom


In 2005, IBM knew that things were getting ugly market for personal computers. He had not started at that time the revolution of mobile devices, but it had too many manufacturers striving to become the king of the industry, and although IBM remained as one of the driving higher sales volume, was not the item that most let them profit.

Lenovo has already shown he has the ability to turn a good product into one extremely good ability to gain market. The company could not choose a better time to be with Motorola , is that in the last couple of years Google has been commissioned to give a thorough facelift to the company that invented the mobile phone and returned to give the brand vaor .

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The Chinese have bought Motorola to skinny cow price, and this new union, along with a known brand and that is becoming popular again in the West, these distribution channels will have much needed him to fill America and Europe smartphones good quality and fair prices. selling Lenovo tablets quadrupled in the last year with 9.2 million Lenovo is now the largest manufacturer of traditional computers, up 60% on that of other major actors . The Chinese are aware that their success is based on a declining market, so they have not neglected at all the mobile segment. Today are the fourth largest manufacturer of smartphones and tablets in the world (the second in China).

The future is in mobile devices and the Chinese company is doing everything to make Motorola in IBM ThinkPad , or what is the same, strengthening its sales in Western markets are those that are more resistant, and thus become the largest maker of smartphones and tablets not only in Asia but worldwide.

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