As you all know, in a few days is celebrated on Google I/O , the annual developer of software platforms the search engine company. In Celularis we have already expressed our wishes for the occasion and now wanted to focus on one of the points mentioned: the backup.

Due to the WWDC was much talk that Apple had copied several Android features, and some “defended” that position, because they were basic needs of iOS. After optimizing the system, the backup is the great unfinished business of Google Android , something like what was happening to iOS with the share menu or file handling.

Unlike the Apple system, the problem is not Android or limitations of possibilities , but approach from Google. I say this because apps like Titanium Backup spent years in the market, working perfectly. The problem: need root access . Others who do not need it as Helium do the process easy for any user. The added disadvantage is that these options do not come built into the system and are compatible with Google Play services.

How does it work so far?
Since Froyo, Google supports data backup and system applications, such as restoring passwords for Wi-Fi when you activate a new phone. Well, first never come to work, my data are lost in limbo . It has never been implemented, although in Android 4.3 A section “Application Data” was introduced into the sync menu.

The process of activating and configuring an Android terminal is very tedious without a good backup system seemed that this would move in that direction, but in our experience, nothing has changed. Thus, after acquiring a smartphone with Android, its configuration can be a pain. Most times you have to go to “My Apps” and install manually and accepting permissions for each app, because the system does not remember what you had installed. He forgets network password even, returning to manually enter the password in every location where we usually move. In the best case, remember all of our previous apps and install device , but still have to log on to the service, we will have to reconfigure the settings in the apps we use.

Google has taken good steps to improve backup time long. As we have noted, in Froyo started to keep a record of data, which has gradually improved. Google has also shown that from ICS data backup and restore is not something unknown fact in that version introduced full backups via ADB. The problem is that the ADB tools are aimed at developers and not accessible if you have no knowledge . Within what is the system itself, as we have seen Play Store added running multiple apps at the same time , which was a way to fill a big waste of time, but not address the root problem. Google it is very easy, just extend the whole system you’ve implemented Google Play Games.

Classroom, new educational tool From Google

What do we need?

A backup system simple and effective . Enter our Google account and choose which data you want to restore, and install applications that. I reach the level of iCloud copies can be tricky, because the difference between services each manufacturer, but a good way. And thanks to the space that already offers Google Drive, must be a free service, at least within limits . How I said above, the model of Google Play Games offers a good foundation to the first platform. Just a matter of following the path of integration services and carry it further.

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