The camera of the iPhone (especially since the iPhone 4) has always been one of the best on the market for generations. With a single touch, the camera is able to take really good pictures , with a quality second only to terminals such as Nokia Lumia 1020 -although this is a very special case, as it is specifically focused on the photographic section. However, there is always room for improvement, and this has been demonstrated with iOS 8 , a version that make the cameras even better than they are now iPhone.

With iOS 8 Apple stepped forward and introduced new APIs that allow developers to access functions and camera features previously reserved for the system. Among many others, was allowed access to the exposure control of ISO, aperture, white balance and focus , which, as we said, was limited to the system so far. Such simplicity harmed more advanced users they wanted to “play” with the iPhone camera How will this better the iPhone camera? Basically, the iPhone has always had excellent results at both at the level of ease of use camera. However, the simplicity of use, sometimes harmed more advanced users who want to “play” a little with the camera device . An example: in low light situations, the iPhone does not increase the exposure time in excess, it is feasible that photography “moved” out. Instead, the ISO increases, which, although the lack of brightness saves, adds noise to the pictures. But what if you have a tripod for iPhone? Now it is impossible that photography “scene” out because the iPhone will remain stable at all times, allowing us to reduce the ISO, increase exposure and get bright photos without too much noise. This was impossible with iOS 7 and earlier, because the system did everything automatically. However, with iOS 8 and its new camera APIs, developers can create applications with these features to satisfy the most advanced users.

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This feature was one of the most requested by users of the Apple platform. And, the camera hardware has always been excellent, as are the image processing , but these constraints as features Apple did this combination of hardware and software could not give itself its maximum in all situations, to weigh Camera and Apple smartphone. Luckily, with these new APIs, the story has changed, and the best of it is that it involves a loss of the characteristic simplicity of Apple’s smartphone, for users who do not want to use these functions, will still get the excellent results that have obtained so far.

But the best is yet to come. With iPhone 6 will see an even better camera hardware with more megapixels, better sensor, etc.. And when combined with this great software that Apple iOS 8 has developed Camera future iPhone 6 may not be clear. If the last three iPhone has been among the best in the industry, iPhone 6 could definitely be the best , competing in another league with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

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