Author: mathew

10 sensors and various sizes for iWatch

Reuters published a rumor which puts launch of iWatch, the supposed new Apple product in October . To add fuel to the fire, this morning we woke to the news of the Wall Street Journal that ensures that the device would have multiple designs plus more than ten sensors. believes Apple so far its competition offers nothing new American newspaper […]

Lenovo Will repeat success in mobile market with PC

A few weeks ago we learned of a story that brought us many seat. In a rather surprising move, Google and Lenovomade ​​public plans together for the first transferred Motorola brand, second story that surprised mostly because nobody knew that Google had plans to get rid of a brand that had I been putting much effort. But the reality is that […]

Classroom, new educational tool From Google

Last month Google team announced a new educational tool within the suite of Google Apps for Education : Classroom In a previous article we discussed the feature of this tool and its benefits to simplify the workflow between teachers and students. A few days ago Google has integrated more about this tool, with this little […]