If a few days ago we gave you the news that the security company G Data had found a factory infected with Spyware terminal, now known hand Reddit another case of malware on Android, in this case an app with a malicious intent obvious , and yet has been downloaded over a million times in less than a month.

Specifically, the app is called Subway Train Game despite violating repeatedly Play Store Policy and have a highly suspicious permissions, has reached the first position in the Top of New Games, reaching nearly one million downloads in two weeks and surpassing them after spend a month. On the issue of permissions the app, despite being based on run tunnels (or so it is supposed to do) game, you ask about permissions do not ever find in a legitimate game , as an access to your camera take pictures, know your GPS location or even have access to the microphone of your device.

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These cases should remind users of the importance of reading the permissions before installing an app. permissions This is the great weakness whereby developers with malicious apps violate the system. But not only that, as this app with malware also violated numerous policies required in an app like avoid misleading the user as discussed previously, because it sells the app like a game when you do nothing about it, or meter banners in excessive application, specifically at the top and bottom of the screen, which violates policy Advertise on Google Play.

And as icing on the cake, when you want to access the developer’s website, it redirects you to the Facebook page . Having seen all this, the only thing that I can not understand is how this app has managed to not only pass the security checks Google, but get to a place in the list of app that could reach to legitimize it as legal. One thing is clear: Android has a lot to work on issues of malware.

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