Reuters published a rumor which puts launch of iWatch, the supposed new Apple product in October . To add fuel to the fire, this morning we woke to the news of the Wall Street Journal that ensures that the device would have multiple designs plus more than ten sensors. believes Apple so far its competition offers nothing new American newspaper sources say the new wearable from Apple will have several different sizes , presumably 1’5 “and 2’5”, and will focus on providing solutions that so far no wrist gadget has offered. In this sense, it would have a very high interest in offering practical solutions to issues of health and fitness that other brands have failed or could not deliver.

It is believed that mass production will begin in two or three months, thus the first units to be ready in October. In addition, it is estimated that about 10 to 15 million units will be shipped to the end of the year and within 12 months will have sold close to 50 million. Figures to take into account when we consider the sales competition.

Given this data I venture to make a number of predictions that can reproach me from autumn:

The iWatch will be presented in September

It is customary for Apple to introduce a new product, and here’s the most important issue, and months after the market launch. The original iPhone was introduced in January 2007 and released in June of the same year (6 months). The iPad was announced in January 2010 and went on sale in April (3 months). Therefore, it would be unreasonable to predict that iWatch will be presented in September with availability in October . In previous cases the products “opened” a new category, but with the notable smartwatch there are competitive products.

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More health fitness

Recruitment of health professionals involved are quite enlightening
When introduced Samsung Simband industry a few weeks ago did not give it the importance it deserved. But to me it seemed a very good initiative. In fact I felt so good that I wondered if the Koreans are doing this what will they do in Cupertino? Contracts Apple did this last year and point to very specific medical functions , namely: ichael O’Reilly comes from Masimo Corporation, where he launched a pulse oximeter that was connected to the iPhone; Nancy Dougherty comes from the startup Sano and previously Proteus, which released a patch measuring heartbeats with Bluetooth; Ravi Narasimhan coming from Vital Connect, an expert in health sensors with more than a dozen patents related to these. There was even a venture that would have options for a monitor pregnancy (if this is true, Apple wins the market).

Fashion-tech, a new category

Here influence of two factors: functionality and design . They are the pillars of Apple, true, but on a device that will be going 24 hours a day, this is more important than ever. The first would be solved with the characteristics of health monitoring available. The second we leave in the hands of Jonny Ive and his genius but says it will be a piece slightly arched with certain thickness in the center , like a bracelet. If true this would become a piece of fashion-tech luxury . In addition, the Cupertino company does not do much and took steps to become a brand that could also sell luxury accessories and jewelry. Made confirming the birth of this new category.

Next week we celebrate the Google I / O and interesting alternatives may arise in the world of smartwatches. Anyway we will see if they are mature enough to represent a threat to the future of Apple or if, on the contrary, the Cupertino company can go on vacation this summer.

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